Kendra Aerial acts

International performer aerialist Kendra

Acts: corde lisse, tissue, static trapeze, and doubles trapeze.

Also dance and trained in hand balance and hula hoops.

Below Kendra’s comments about her acts
Corde lisse is my main apparatus, and I have three main acts. They all are about 5 minutes long (easy to adjust either way) Original, Dynamic, and Fearless- perfect for nightclubs, corporate events, parties, cruise ships, really any venue. It is fast, quirky, and original. Lots of drops and flips, and it showcase my leg flexibility and lines, as well as my strength.
Cowgirl- (about to be re-filmed and re-created!)- Perfect for family friendly events. A character piece on the rope, that is full of personality, musicality, and bullwhips- plus my standard fare of impressive and unique tricks that I have invented.
Zombie- great for clubs, parties, anything that’s a little “darker.” Angry, thrashing, flexed feet, powerful movement. I can wear any style of costume for this, but usually I make my face very pale and eyes very dark, and wear black. Spiky hair. Lots of creepy eye contact, with subtle movement followed by quick drops. Despite my signature quirky, dynamic style, my years of training and experience have allowed me to create an act in any apparatus, style, or mood. I am a very versatile performer, extremely strong, have great leg flexibility, love working as a team or as a soloist, live to perform, and am keen to create new acts to suit shows or events. I have years of performing and training under my belt, and am professional and dedicated in every aspect

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