Hand stand act Polonskie Equilibrio

Hand balace routine Polonskie Equilibrio

Balance act

Polonskie Equilibrio

Hand stand act

Please find below comments added by the twin Brothers Eugene and

Vladislav Polomanie about the act and past work.

In 2003 we graduated from the circus school studio of Odessa state circus. In 2003-2004 we worked in different corporative-evenings and night-clubs
in Odessa

In 2004 we got the second place in the Ukraine Young Circus festival

in 2004-2005 we worked at the Ukraine State circus Ukr Gos Tsirk, we

worked on tour in Russia.In 2005-2007 we worked in different night-clubs.

In 2008 we working in England.

In 2003 we graduated secondary school in Odessa.

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