circus agency in London

circus agency
We’re the number one circus agency we have acts and entertainers based in the UK We provide artists for festivals, fate, cabaret,
arena shows and and all showbusiness soluctions, if you’r looking for an acrobat, contortionist, trapeze artist or any unusual act
get in touch with our office,
we have been in business for over 15 years. our performers are well trained and very professional. we only work with artists that we personaly know and have
seen in action. so you can book our acts with confidence and know that the performers for hire are of a very high standart.
we have been booked by clients from London, Manchester, Liverpool, Sheffield, glasgow, belfast and many other places trough out the UK.
in Europe we worked with clients from germany, france, belgium, holland, iceland, norway etc.. all with good response to our service provided
international acts presenting the most amazing performances.
we have come a long way and we’re one of the first companies to have a website with all our cast on the internet

with the increase of performers demand duo to the approach of the olympic games our company is in great demand and we’re sending more and more people to events to London and beond
our books are getting full very quick but we have a great network and we can coupe with the demand.
a new addiction to our books is sport models and athlets we have been sending sports models to many auditions in a dally bases.
we also have a competitive rates. and we can extrech any buget and custumize any event to suit your needs, at all occasions. we have also choreographers, and stage Directors and managers
many people wanting to start in the agency business always ask how to start up. well as in any nich it’s better if you understain about what you’re getting yourself in to.
a great reserch is required and you can start up by getting in contact with people involved in the area of experty, our selves used to be acrobats, trapeze artists also experts in aerial performances
power tumbling, gymnastics, and other physical activities, because we’re involved in arts that make everything allot esear for us to understaind the needs of our clients and performers.
so this is the way to go to be as sucessiful as we are. get also a website toghether as now a days 90% of the contracts come via the internet, and many people prefere to deal with you this way by browsing
online them emailing you with they requiremnt.
so if you need any more information make sure to get in touch with us and we will provide you with all your requirement as soon as possible and we know you will be happy with our services.
the quality of our jobs is very important we’re very commited to our job.
so to get your company going don’t just seat there go on and get started and soon you’ll have many clients and that will be the key for a new beggining.
we thank to all our friends for working with us. including
Acro dance
Aerial hoop (lyra, cerceaux)
Aerial silk (tissu, fabric, ribbon, silks, aerial contortion)
Aerial straps
Animal training
Artistic cycling
Baton twirling