Aerirla Solo Aerial act

Aerirla Solo Aerial act


Vertical Rope act


A solo rope act inspired by the most passionate of dances – the Tango. Sensual, flirtatious and full of energy, the aerial dancer performs a pas de deux with his first love – the rope.

Ideal height 7 meter or higher, act can be adapted on a minimum of 5 meter as well.
Require one strong rigging point. Leo Hedman is qualified aerial rigger, in case of advance rigging required extra fee applies.

‘Nocturnal’ – Aerial silks act 7 min

Inspired by the classic vampire myth, Nosferatu, this award winning act (most creative act, Krystal pallast variete) explores the lust and passion of the classical nightmare creature
– the vampire.

Act character can also do subtle walk about character together with aerial act, can also be joined by electric cellist Joanna Quail playing music for walk about and during act.

Ideal free ceiling height 7 meter or more. Can be done on 4,5 meter minimum.
Require one strong rigging point (* in case of advance rigging Leo Hedman is qualified aerial rigger, but extra fee applies)

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