Aerial circus company

Aerial circus company


‘Knockout’ is a flirtatious teasing game that develops into a playful duel in the air. This is a stylish, original and high skilled double rope act with a strong visual impact. Its funny, sexy and most of all excited. 6 minute long.

‘Some like it…..’

Inspired by the iconography of movies from the 20’s and 30’s, this sixteen minute act plays freely with gender identities and the comic side of traditional sex roles using cross dressing to play and question the different between masculine and feminine. ‘Some like it….’ takes a wry, satirical look at the ways we conform to the gender roles assigned to us and what happens when the masc drop and we find that our identities are a little less straight forward than we imagined?

‘Under water’

Under water is an atmospheric double silks act that was created originally for the ‘Under the Sea’ co operate event in London, July 2010. The white music and the beautiful music creates a very elegant and unique act that can be suitable for many events and shows.


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